About the Maker

I first became interested in the Native American Flute while visiting the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. I heard the haunting sounds of a flute echoing off of the canyon walls.  After meeting the artist, A Navajo Indian, I bought one of his flutes.  I later went on a backpacking trip in the Grand Gulch primitive area, and decided I needed a new flute to take with me.  Using my woodworking background I started making Native American Style Flutes.

 Over the last couple of years, I have become enchanted with the sounds of the Ancestral Puebloan Rim-Blown flutes.  I feel that they have the most beautiful sound of any flute.  I began making these flutes and have modified them to try to make them easier to play.  My current goal is to make this style of flutes, and the unique sound, available to as many people as possible.